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St. Peters Arts Center

One of the sparkling jewels in the city "crown" is the St. Peters Community & Arts Center. Located at 1035 St. Peters - Howell Rd., they host a refreshing thematic art show each month. In addition, you'll find ongoing classes in painting, journaling, clay, music, theater, sculpting, woodworking, drawings and much more. SPCAC has a wide and varied artistic faculty, all of whom are considered independent providers, but endorsed by the city as qualified in their field of expertise. Residents are also treated on a regular basis to special events, discussion groups, exhibition & art shows, theater productions, demonstrations, competitions, projects and items of interest to the artistic and general public. The Arts Center is always looking for new ideas and interests. Space is available for daytime classes and groups. Instructors or group coordinators interested in meeting there may call for information at 636-397-6903. As an additional bonus, the Center is the perfect place for receptions, meetings and banquets. Rooms, a stage, tables, chairs, even a fireplace can all be rented at affordable rates. The SPCAC is fully self supported. Volunteers are also welcomed at the Center. If you would like to help, you can contact the City of St. Peters Volunteer Coordinator's office at 636-477-6600, ext. 242.

The St. Peters Art Center is the place to go for many forms of entertainment by local artisans. From time to time we would like to feature a closer look at some of these groups or individuals that regularly contribute their artistry. If you or someone you know fits this bill, let us know.

St. Peters Art Gallery (Close Up)

The St. Peters Acoustic Jam Group
Where: St. Peters Arts Center 1035 St. Peters Howell Road
When: 7:00 to 9:00 PM - EVERY Wednesday evening

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St. Peters

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