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Bike Safety Rodeo, St. Peters, MO

At the Derby, parents were helped to establish these safe patterns of behavior by making sure that children age 15 and under understood what is involved in riding safely in the community. Rick Oloteo, St. Peters director of Recreation and Ranger Division Operations, was quoted as saying "The annual bike Derby is a day where youth learn their limitations." 

If you missed it this year, we'll see you next September.

(All of the photos below may be enlarged by clicking on the image for a larger view.)

Bike Hawg heaven.JPG (44831 bytes)
If there can be motorcycle hawgs, why can't there be bicycle hawgs too? Lots of eager young ones would have LOVED to ride this one.
blonds do have more fun.JPG (50511 bytes)
This little female rider, complete with long golden curls, was quite an outstanding rider. Here she is, poised and ready to go at the starting line.
blonds flying high.JPG (30414 bytes)
Here's our young lady friend flying high and leaving all the guys eating her dust. Who says blondes don't have more fun? Start 'em young, I say! It ain't just a boys sport anymore.
BMX rider in training2.JPG (38200 bytes)
Two year old BMX "rider in training." (Includes cookie!)
end of the road.JPG (23991 bytes)
Arriving at the end of the race track without scrape, injury or damage to yourself or your bike was the goal of every rider.
girl rider.JPG (70312 bytes)
Miss Hicks was just one of several young ladies at the bike Derby who regularly race at competitions AND it's not at all unusual to see her beating the guys!
Hosing down the track.JPG (41016 bytes)
Hosing down the track with water regularly is needed to not only keep down the dust, but keep the track safer for the riders.
How many kids can we get on this see saw.JPG (32986 bytes)
Everybody had fun at Saturday's Derby, but not everyone chose to race on bikes. These youngsters preferred to see how many of them they could fit on a seesaw.
Making sure all is in working order.JPG (48468 bytes)
City of St. Peters, Director of Recreation, Rick Oloteo makes sure every bike has a proper safety inspection before riders are allowed to be on the track.
Michael.JPG (37871 bytes)
Michael Hicks was without doubt the youngest rider at this event. He turned 4 years old in April of 2004. The youngest of 5 children, all of whom compete, he's had several great examples to learn the art & sport of BMX riding from. He is so good, he leaves much older riders in the dust --- LITERALLY!
obeying the rules.JPG (40974 bytes)
At this bike Derby, riders learn that pedestrians have rights too. Safety is an all-inclusive part of their exposure.
pointers from dad.JPG (28849 bytes)
Pointers from dad.
racing trailer.JPG (27785 bytes)
Not all families will take the leap into bicycle racing as the Hicks family from Fenton, Missouri has. But they regularly attend bike Derbies as a family, with all five of their children ages 4 to 13, consisting of 2 boys and 3 girls. BMX bicycle events such as the St. Peters annual Derby promotes wholesome family togetherness and works to unite families of all types.
Ready_set_GO.JPG (19023 bytes)
On your mark --- Get set --- GO!
resting between heats.JPG (62542 bytes)
Break time between heats.
riding high.JPG (38690 bytes)
Riding high.
Some spills.JPG (23056 bytes)
There's always going to be a few spills here and there. It's part of the focus of the Derby to "learn your limitations." Thankfully, this rider had nothing more than a few aches and pains to show for his tumble, along with a bruised ego.
squirrels.JPG (32504 bytes)
Everybody's got to eat, including riders and their families. Our friends from the Order of the Squirrels are there to show their support and also raise a few funds for their own local charity projects. (Food's pretty good too! We HIGHLY recommend them.)
up & away.JPG (19443 bytes)
And they're off!
waitng their turn2.JPG (28325 bytes)
Waiting your turn at the starting line to go can be the most difficult part on the track.
Scary helmet.JPG (67776 bytes)
Sometimes the helmets can be more intimidating than the riders!


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