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Brookmount Park, St. Peters, MO

Located at 34 Jane Drive
playground.jpg (29753 bytes) Brookmount offers a bit of a change in the way of playground equipment than most of the parks. Though sporting the standard swings, it has a row of "shops" where little ones can make believe they are business owners and sell items or 'fill up" the occasional gas tank.
Brookmount Park & Trail offers 5 acres of back-to-nature.

A one mile paved, pedestrian trail makes this a favorite spot for walkers and joggers.

Click here for directions to Brookmount Park.

skating.jpg (39580 bytes) 11 year old Cameron takes a quick spin around the park on his in-line skates. Neighborhood children often enjoy skimming around the playground as the circular paving resembles a skating rink.
icecream.jpg (97613 bytes) Ice cream, anyone?
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St. Peters

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