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Brown Road Park, St. Peters, MO

Brown Road Park is, where else? At 100 Brown Road!

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Brown Park has over 22 acres and features 3 well groomed and maintained baseball diamonds, a fenced and well lit football field complete with bleachers, a HUGE pavilion with tables & BBQ grills, play equipment for children, and a pedestrian trail that connects it with the St. Peters Sports Complex to the West. Lots and lots of parking.

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Brown Park has a full size football field for residents use & enjoyment. It is fenced and well-lit at night. Although the field is currently "brown," it's only because it's being re-leveled, and will then be re-seeded in preparation for the upcoming fall football season.


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Dardenne Creek has been a focal point for St. Peters for over 200 years. The sparkling water is yet another playground for children of all ages as it bisects both Brown Park and the Sports Complex Park to the West.
Dardenne creek splits Brown Park and Sports Center Park as a border between the two.

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Brown Park is host to the favored spot for many youth in St. Charles County as the St. Peters BMX Park is located within Brown Park.

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Brown Park is host to the Mid Rivers Junior Football League.



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Lots of room to sit on the bleachers at the football field at Brown park. Well placed score board and concession stand too!


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Shady swings and soft sand to jump into are a child's favorite no matter which park you go to.



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