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Fishing Derby Photos

Single file please for the Annual Fishing Derby here in St. Peters! Cooperation was the general consensus for the event this year with both the weather and the fish offering just what was ordered.

(All of the photos below may be enlarged by clicking on the image for a larger view.)

2 happy campers.JPG (36222 bytes)
These two young men were happy campers with the first fish they caught.
Anticipation.JPG (29029 bytes)
Casting with a cast.JPG (49704 bytes)
This is what you call committed. This young St. Peter's resident broke his arm just two days before the fishing derby, but he wasn't going to let a little thing like a cast stop him. So he went casting with a cast!
Dad can fix it.JPG (53894 bytes)
Dad can fix everything.
Excellent turnout.JPG (33507 bytes)
Excellent turnout.
Fishing on the dock.JPG (23071 bytes)
Fishing on the dock at the lake.
FREE donuts.JPG (29521 bytes)
When all else fails, there were still FREE donuts, which often were more popular than the fishing.
Girls can fish too.JPG (30244 bytes)
Who says girls can't fish? (But she still didn't want to hold it, so dad helped her out.)
How many does it take.JPG (32554 bytes)
How many dads does it take to help one small boy fish?
How much will it weigh.JPG (30061 bytes)
T H E most important question of the day - - - how much does it weigh?
I'd rather be swinging.JPG (36607 bytes)
When attention spans and bites run short, there's always swings nearby.
Kodak moment for mom.JPG (32354 bytes)
A Kodak moment for mom.
Me first---no me first.JPG (40950 bytes)
Sibling rivalry follows all family events, no matter what or where. These two were busy letting dad know each wanted to be FIRST!
Moms can help too.JPG (33156 bytes)
Who says moms can't fish? This one had no problem helping her son do it the right way.
Reflections on the water.JPG (22421 bytes)
You couldn't ask for a more perfect morning with just right temperatures and water smooth as silk.
Running is OK here.JPG (25225 bytes)
It's OK to run here. This young lady could hardly wait to get to that just right spot!
Where'd you say those fish are.JPG (30539 bytes)
Where'd you say those fish are? Got my net and a bucket to throw them in.
There really ARE fish down there.JPG (34793 bytes)
Yes, honey, there really ARE fish down there.
Wagon for all those fish.JPG (38736 bytes)
Brought me a wagon to haul all those fish I'm going to catch!
Waiting for the weigh in.JPG (20047 bytes)
Waiting anxiously to get his fish weighed.

Our many thanks go out to all those featured in these photos.
You're all part of what makes our community so great!

St. Peters

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