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Getting a Great Price at your St. Peters Car Dealer

St. Peters Auto Dealers should help you find a new car at a fair price, but they will certainly not automatically give you their best price. When you are ready to buy a car it is best to be as prepared up front as possible. A car is usually the second most expensive purchase made by most of us and it is usually a very emotional decision. A good way to approach buying a new car is to write down your own script for the process and STICK TO IT. Be aware that you are anxious to jump into a new car just as soon as you can and because the sales people know this, if you donít slow down itís going to cost you money. If you want to learn about some of the tricks Dealers use to get more of your money, click here for a brief overview.

First, do your homework. If you go in without this, you are going to lose out on your money. Thoroughly research by car types and be willing to accept more than one model from more than one manufacturer is a great first step. Read reviews from as many sources as possible. Consider fuel economy, reliability, price, repair cost and safety. The safety and repair cost factor could cost you even more in the long run as it may increase your insurance rates far more than you might have thought. Contact your Insurance agent for more information about how the new car will affect your insurance rates.

"Nobody buys a car if they think they are getting a bad deal and the feeling that you got a good deal usually wears off long before that ďnew car smellĒ does."

Trading in your car:
If you have a trade in, and most of us do, find out what it is worth. Kelly Blue Book is a very good resource for this.

While you will likely get a better price if you sell the car yourself, that can be a whole other experience costing you time and the fact you will be without that car when you do eventually sell it.

The sticker price is rarely, if ever the price you will pay, if you negotiate. You may want to ask for the dealers invoice, but also ask about dealer incentives, regional car-price incentives and holdbacks, that are part of the dealers profit. This information may or may not be supplied by the dealer, but is something that is easy to get New Car Invoice Pricing at

Be prepared to spend considerable time purchasing a car no matter how well prepared you are. It is impossible to tell you how many options and extras will be brought to you even after you think the deal has been made, but be aware they will be coming.

If you have not made financing arrangements ahead of time, after you settle on the price, only then discuss financing options. As a reminder, do not try to mix the price you are willing to pay in terms of monthly payments as this method will quickly get away from you.

After you have negotiated a price you are willing to pay, discuss a trade in if you have one. The first offer will not likely be the best and you may even want to reconsider selling the car yourself, if that is an option you are willing and able to do so.

If things arenít going the way you want, head for the door. You may get halfway across the parking lot before you are run down with a better deal.

Watch out for car extras you don't need.
It is not unlikely that you will be approached with rust proofing, fabric protection or VIN etching which is used to deter thieves.
Vehicle bodies are already coated to protect against rust and although it rains a lot here, most sources consider this to be a waste of money. Upholstery protection and VIN etching kits are both available off the shelf at local retail stores.

It is a good idea to first check out prices on car buying web sites, but we suggest that these quotes are not a guarantee of The Best Price. It is still possible that you can still get a better deal at your local car dealer. The best way to negotiate is to negotiate a "Cash Price". Of course if you don't check first, you don't know. So be prepared and get a quote or two ahead of time and even bring the quote in with you. Often the dealers will actually appreciate it as a good place to start.

If you're ready to get some Quotes on Cars, click here.

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