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Get prices "before" you visit your Car Dealer

Before you visit St. Peters Auto Dealer, you owe it to yourself to get some quotes. A new car costs a lot of money and if you don't do some research, well, you've got a lot more disposable cash than I do. So check out the auto resources below, get some quotes and then visit a dealer. A new option is also included for people with a car lease that will allow you to Exit your car lease early - no penalties! That may be just the ticket for many. Remember you can't get a "best" car price when you get just one quote.

Swap a Lease is an interesting program that might let you out of a lease or find a lease from someone that needs to get out of that type of program. > Exit your car lease early - no penalties!
Edmunds.Com gives consumer ratings, Rebates & Incentives, reviews and Consumer Advice. >

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