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Dentists & other Medical Information for Saint Peters, MO

This page will allow you to find local medical professionals or do some research on line for anything from a cough to drugs.

  St Peters Dentists  

What we suggest is "Nothing on the Internet can beat a visit with your Doctor" and "do not believe everything you read", even on the web sites we are suggesting here. These are simply being offered as some of the ones we have found that appear to be of high quality as information resources.
(These are alphabetically arranged and in no way signify any ranking system)

All Health .com CBS Health Watch Dr Koop .com
This site is part of The Women's Network.

(Has an annoying pop up windows)

You guessed it, part of CBS the Central Broadcasting Company.

(To have complete access, you need to sign up although it's free. We suggest using a portal e-mail service such as Yahoo or Hot Mail to stay away from any possibility of SPAM.)

Features a Drug Checker, which can spot potentially harmful drug interactions, and an online medical encyclopedia.

Short cut to Drug Checker.

Intelihealth The Mayo Clinic Web MD
A subsidiary of Aetna, they provide information from a variety of sources, including Harvard Medical School, the National Institutes of Health, and the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. Mayo is a team practice of medicine enhanced by medical education and research. 
More than 400,000 patients a year come to its outpatient clinics and hospitals in three states.
Their credentials state:  we have scores of news content staff members solely dedicated to your daily information experience on WebMD Health -- board-certified physicians, Emmy Award-winning journalists, and committed full-time community moderators.
St. Peters

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