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Shady Springs Park, St. Peters, MO

playground.JPG (74684 bytes) The only playground at Shady Springs park is surrounded not only by a wooden fence to shelter small children from the parking lot, but also mature shade trees. The playground itself has benches for parents to sit & watch their kids. The play area is covered with tiny gravel to give cushioning for little feet and keep mud to a minimum when it rains.
Shady Springs Park is located at 3888 Shady Springs Blvd, which lies in the heart of a lovely subdivision. It is just under 14 acres in size.

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gazebo.JPG (41210 bytes) The covered and shaded dining gazebo/pavilion is quite large and has multiple barbecue grills available for park visitors. It also features a well-stocked concession stand which you'll find open for most large, scheduled, baseball games.
baseball diamond.JPG (28271 bytes) One of three baseball diamonds located at the park. Infield is fenced with bleachers for fans to watch their favorite team.
soccer field.JPG (38588 bytes) A large field that can be used for both soccer or football is in the center of the park and is regularly used by local residents.


St. Peters

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